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Dmitri Young shows up at Nationals game at half his playing weight

Dmitri Young shows up at half his playing weight

Dmitri Young is known not only for his baseball card collection and his three-home run performance on Opening Day in 2005. He is also the third-heaviest player to ever play in the Major Leagues. At a listed playing weight of 295 lbs, Young is behind only Walter Young (320) and Jumbo Diaz (listed at 315, but now weighing in at 278) while he's tied with Jonathan Broxton. 

When Da Meathook showed up at Great American Ball Park on Friday night, it looked like Young had somehow split in two, losing enough weight to create an entire other Dmitri Young. 

Oddly enough, despite wearing a bacon T-shirt, Young probably eats very little of it these days. Just compare how he looks now to how he looked back when he was on the Nats:

Dmitri big

To make sure everyone recognized the former portly slugger, he even wore a hat with his own face on it: 

Let the record show that Young's cap is now the greatest piece of Dmitri Young-related memorabilia ever created. Even better than Young's arm dance bobblehead

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