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Dodgers fan films himself catching a home run, much to the delight of Vin Scully

Scully amused by fan filming his own HR catch

Vin Scully has seen a lot in his 65 years (that number will never not be ridiculous) calling Dodgers games, from the Moon Landing to the PC to the second Wild Card spot. When Aaron Hill homered for the D-backs during their 6-4 loss to L.A. on Saturday night, the broadcasting icon was afforded the opportunity to wax poetic about another technological revelation -- the selfie: 

Fan selfie grab

First, credit to the fan for some serious foresight to not only bring the camcorder to the game but have enough confidence to have it rolling at the right time and calmly make the catch.

Second, though, is there anything Scully doesn't handle gracefully? The guy started calling baseball games when Truman was President, and instead of telling the kids to get off of his lawn, he just chuckles at it all and wishes everyone the best. May he announce everything for eternity, forever and ever, amen. 

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