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The Dodgers are juggling baseballs like soccer balls to train now

Dodgers juggle baseballs like soccer balls to train now

World Cup fever is everywhere these days -- to the point that professional baseball players might be eschewing their chosen sport in favor of the Beautiful Game when it comes to pregame warmups.

Before the Dodgers-Padres game on Sunday, Scott Van Slyke, Justin Turner and Yasiel Puig -- displaying the soccer skills that he learned from Cristiano Ronaldo -- juggled a baseball at Petco Park. Fun fact: This activity is referred to as "keepie uppie" by actual adult athletes in the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, Brian Wilson, who might be a clone of Portugal's Raul Meireles, did not participate.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, the Pirates' Russell Martin did his best impression of Norwich City captain Russell Martin by kicking the ball around with Gerrit Cole:

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