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Dusty Baker doesn't think there are too many men better looking than he is

Dusty Baker is feeling good. He's looking good. He's feeling good about looking good.

Why wouldn't he be? The man just got a new job, and there are few things more invigorating than taking the reins to a team that is already a championship contender. Basically, if you asked Baker who should be honored as this year's People's Sexiest Man Alive -- or Handsomest Manager, at least -- his answer would be "Me."

And during his first news conference as manager of the Washington Nationals, Baker threw down the gauntlet:

"The way I look at it -- not sounding cocky or nothing -- but I don't see a whole bunch of dudes out there who look better than me now."

That's a man who's ready to win some baseball games and look real good doing it. Deal with it, men of planet Earth.