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Cubs superfan Eddie Vedder made the trip to Pittsburgh to take in his team's big Wild Card win

Eddie Vedder travels to Pittsburgh to watch Cubs' win

Sure, it may seem as though the Cubs topped the Pirates in Wednesday's NL Wild Card game thanks to Jake Arrieta's arm and Kyle Schwarber's propensity to suddenly turn into the Incredible Hulk. But behind the scenes, something more supernatural was afoot.

This is October, after all, the time of year when the margin for error gets razor thin and a team is only as strong as its celebrity contingent. So, not wanting to leave anything to chance, Chicago called on its resident rock star/good luck charm to give them an edge:

The Pearl Jam frontman and diehard Cubs fan blessed the visitor's dugout (with the power of rock, of course), and quickly moved on to some of the players:

His powers bestowed upon Anthony Rizzo, Vedder then met up with GM Theo Epstein before the game to talk strategy -- and to finally get some answers as to just why Theo had "Amongst the Waves" so high in his Pearl Jam rankings:

Even Chief Baseball Officer Joe Torre took the time to say hello:

Vedder Torre

Vedder then sat back, content with his efforts, a Cubs victory all but assured. As the saying goes, though, there's no rest for the weary. For on the horizon, an even greater foe looms in the NLDS, one with powers unlike this world has ever seen: The Rally Squirrel

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