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Ejection artist Lloyd McClendon throws hat into crowd during spectacular tantrum

McClendon throws hat, gets ejected

Some suspected that MLB's implementation of instant replay review would have residual effects like bringing an end to passionate discussions between managers and umpires. Mariners skipper Lloyd McClendon disproved that notion with a dramatic performance during Wednesday's game against the Rays.

You might remember McClendon as the Pirates manager/performance artist who literally stole first base back in 2001:

McClendon Steals Base

This time around, McClendon was none too thrilled when the first base umpire rings up John Buck, saying he went around on a strike-three pitch in the bottom of the eighth. McClendon seems to keep his composure as he exits the dugout and makes his approach to first base until ...

McClendon Throws Hat

Whoops, there goes the hat.

McClendon Pointing

There was some yelling ...

McClendon Flailing

Some pointing and flailing ...

McClendon Applause

The crowd loves it!

McClendon Tosses Hat to Crowd

Give the people what they want.


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