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El Astro Blanco: Evan Gattis is bringing his raw power to Houston

Evan Gattis is bringing his power to Houston

All was quiet on the Houston Astros offseason front. Pitchers and catchers were set to report in a little more than a month, with position players soon to follow. It looked as if any moves for the 2015 season had already been made before the New Year.

But then, the scent of splintering wood filled the air:

Evan Gattis

A dark shape blocked out the afternoon sun:


And the sounds of screaming baseballs echoed through the cold winter frost:

Yes, the Astros traded for Evan Gattis on Wednesday. In doing so, the catcher/outfielder returns to his home state of Texas -- the same place he once played amateur baseball with Clayton Kershaw, spent time as a janitor and pulled the bends out of winding roads.

Welcome home, El Oso Blanco. Let's hope your power only continues to grow ...

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