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Elvis Andrus was hit in the head with his own broken bat

Baseball is frustrating sometimes because, for all a player's best efforts, he can't always control what happens. You can throw a perfect pitch and watch a hitter hit it weakly through a hole. You can hit a hard line drive and see it end up going right at a fielder.

Elvis Andrus had a humbling encounter with life not going as one draws it up. In the fifth inning of Wednesday night's game against the Angels, Andrus did what he could control -- he put the ball in play, even if it resulted in a broken bat. But not only did it end up as a groundout, the bat splintered off and came around to whack Andrus right in the back of the ol' noggin for good measure.


Maybe this is just the spirit of Adrian Beltre finally getting Andrus back for all the times he's tried to touch the third baseman's head.