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Embrace the dinger glory of the 2014 NL Silver Slugger winners through the magic of GIFs

Embrace the glory of the 2014 NL Silver Sluggers

If you are anything like me, you love five things: 

1. Your parents

2. Pizza

3. Dingers

4. Dingerzzz


There's no need to apologize for it, it's simply how baseball fans are wired.

On Thursday night, the 2014 Silver Slugger awards were handed out. So join me in celebrating the winners with GIFs of their most prodigious dingers, dongers, and ding-a-long-gones. 

P: Madison Bumgarner

No arguments here. Bumgarner cracked out not one, but two grand slams this year (you know, to go with his World Series MVP award)

Bumgarner grand slam 1

Grand slam 2

He also is an expert snot rocketer: 


Hopefully next season he'll be selected to partake in the Home Run Derby. After all, he's succeeded at everything else. 

C: Buster Posey

I like to imagine that when Posey swings and hits a home run, he's singing this from the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "Carousel:" 

"June is Busting out all over."


Only question is if Greg Amsinger predicted this victory, too? 

1B: Adrian Gonzalez

When Adrian Gonzalez isn't winning Gold Glove Awards, he's blasting bombs.

You want proof? Here's your proof: 


2B: Neil Walker

Walker had his eyes set on a Silver Slugger Award from day one. After hitting a walk-off home run in the Pirates' 1-0 victory over the Cubs on Opening Day: 

Walker would hit 22 more home runs in 2014, including this ball that he sent for a swimming with the fishes

Neil Walker

3B: Anthony Rendon

Hey, randomly selected Orioles fan! How do you feel about Rendon winning a Silver Slugger Award in only his second Major League season? 


Oh. Okaaay. Say no more. 

SS: Ian Desmond

Three straight 20-plus home run seasons, three straight Silver Slugger Awards. Or, for the visual learner: 


OF: Justin Upton

When not trying to enact sibling vengeance with line drives, Upton was doing things like this.


Can't forget the heartfelt hug at the end, either. That's what really sells the homer. 

Andrew McCutchen

Sure, we could show you one of the 24 "traditional" home runs that McCutchen hit this season, but where's the fun in that? Instead, enjoy McCutchen showing off his tremendous speed around the bases. 


McCutchen needed only 15.4 seconds to go from home to home. Or roughly the amount of time it takes for me to walk from the couch to the microwave. 

Giancarlo Stanton

Last but not least, there's the man who hits baseballs so hard and far that not only are the pitchers afraid to face him, but so are the very balls themselves. His 37 home runs led the National League and this 484-foot blast was the second longest in the Majors behind only Mike Trout


But it was his 510-foot blast in the Home Run Derby that made everyone lose their freaking minds.


Stanton reax

Stanton reax 2