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Andrew Friedman told Enrique Hernandez to become his own rally banana, so he did

Enrique Hernandez became his own rally banana

"Gotta do what the boss says."

That quote from the Dodgers' Enrique Hernandez, via reporter J.P. Hoornstra, could mean any number of things. Maybe Don Mattingly told him to lay down a bunt. Maybe he meant "boss" in the Rick Ross sense, referring to someone like Clayton Kershaw and his MLB-leading 236 strikeouts.

Or, you know, he could mean Andrew Friedman's orders to get into the dugout dressed as a banana in the 12th inning of Monday's 14-inning Dodgers win over the Giants.


According to Hoornstra, the president of baseball operations found Hernandez sitting in the clubhouse during the extra innings of Monday night's game and ordered him to become his own rally banana, harkening back to Hernandez's possibly-magic, possibly-coincidental fruit-scoring powers from May. Although, considering Adrian Gonzalez hit the walk-off two innings later, maybe the Dodgers' rally banana isn't a coincidence. And it's a good thing Hernandez had his suit handy:

As Vin Scully said during the game, "Is that Enrique Hernandez? Figured."

And even if Hernandez was worried about getting fined for his non-uniform attire, Friedman had his back: "I'll pay your fine," the president told his 24-year-old player. 

h/t Hardball Talk

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