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Episode 8 of the Cut4Cast: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Puig!

William Shakespeare once quipped (via his heroine, Juliet), "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." While we don't often like to disagree with the Bard, we think he's missing a pretty important corollary here: Nicknames, particularly baseball nicknames.

What should Bryce Harper's nickname be? Is "Fish God" really the best one we can give Mike Trout? Well, the Cut4 staff discussed that important issue on this week's Cut4Cast.

But, that's not all -- Michael Bertha, Dakota Gardner and Gemma Kaneko also looked at some other storylines and questions that the beginning of the 2015 season has brought into focus.

Stream the Cut4Cast here or subscribe on iTunes. Here's a guide to this week's episode, with a look at the topics discussed and some selected quotes: 

2:50 - What's your off-beat prediction for the 2015 MLB season?

Gemma: "Let this be a call to all of the people whose last name is 'Bacon' out there. You have talents you don't know you have yet."

Dakota: "Enjoy these fleeting moments now, when the name 'Joey Pankake' brings a smile to your face."

Michael: "Just John Stamos. That's it. Like, there doesn't even need to be dialogue, setup or plot. It's just John Stamos and John Stamos' hair."

15:37 - Which MLB player needs a new nickname?

Dakota: "I don't know what else you could really call him, though. 'Professional slugger Bartolo Colon' is just a little bit too long."

Michael: "If you guys will excuse me, I've got to go and register the domain name for"

Gemma: "I endorse just handing out Batman names to many, many players."

23:30 - Which Major Leaguer is the most like a superhero?

Dakota: "He's just, sort of, become one of these big characters in Major League Baseball. I think it's a cover, and I think it's a cover for saving people under the dark of night."

Michael: "Speed is where it's at when it comes to superheroes."

Gemma: "Is his superpower going to classrooms and fixing conflicts? Because that sort of sounds like what 'Even Steven' does."