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Ervin Santana wants an All-Star pitchers dodgeball game. WHO YA GOT?

Photo illustration by Dan Wohl

On Thursday, Royals starter Ervin Santana took to Twitter to propose one of the best ideas we've heard in a while:

As fellow fans of the #CelebratePitching concept, we've given this idea some serious thought.

If you were picking pitchers for this game, what kind of qualities do you think would be most effective? Would you want the sheer velocity of Aroldis Chapman or Justin Verlander? The nasty movement of Clayton Kershaw or Chris Sale? Perhaps even the unpredictable insanity of R.A. Dickey's knuckler? And don't forget -- half of dodgeball is avoiding balls, so it wouldn't hurt to have some hurlers who are strong all-around athletes on the roster too

So: If Santana's idea was introduced, who would make your NL and AL All-Star Dodgeball teams?