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Evan Gattis hits a home run on a pitch that batters just aren't supposed to hit home runs on

Gattis hits home run on pitch wayyy outside

Trevor Bauer probably didn't want to throw a strike to Evan Gattis in the first inning of Wednesday's Astros-Indians game. Why would he? Why would he want to pitch to a man who goes by the name of "El Oso Blanco" and breaks bats over his back without even trying?

Well, the thing about Evan Gattis is, he doesn't care if you don't want to throw him a strike. He'll bring your high and outside 94-mph fastball into his mash zone and pull it over the left-field wall.

Yes, wow.

Feel free to listen with sound in the main video, but those sensitive to loud, explosive noises should take precaution.

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