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This fan with cat-like reflexes spilled beer on himself while dodging a speeding foul ball

Fan spills beer on himself while dodging foul ball

We now go live to the mind of the fan standing in the alleyway on the batter's right at Marlins Park during the fourth inning of Sunday's game against the Mets:

"This game is great. It's tied, 1-1. Casey McGehee is at the plate with two on and nobody out. Whatever happens, we're going to see some action here -- either some runs or a bit of great pitching by Steven Matz to get out of this. I should be careful not to spill this beer. You know, I've got a pretty good view of McGehee right now. I like his beard. I wonder if I could grow a beard like --



"THAT FOUL CAME SPEEDING RIGHT AT ME! If I didn't have cat-like reflexes, I might've been hit. Wait, why do I feel damp? Did I spill my beer on myself? I did. You know what? Oh well. At least I dodged that baseball. And I still have most of my beer left."

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