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Fan tries to drink beer with foul ball in it, fails, tries to take ball out, fails again

O's fan catches foul ball in beer, spills it on shirt

Baseball is a game of rituals, and -- in this game we love -- there is no tradition as sacred and time-honored as chugging your brew when a foul ball lands in it. While the exact origin of this ceremony has been lost to time, fans all across baseball have carried on the tradition.

This guy did it. She was all about it. These guys did it.

Sadly, on Tuesday, one Orioles fan tried, but couldn't exactly pull it off. 

O's infielder Ryan Flaherty sliced a foul ball into the seats down the left-field line on, and the would-be souvenir played a short game of pinball before landing in some poor guy's beer. Just as our ancestors foretold, the gentleman set out to drink the remainder of his adult beverage with the souvenir still lodged in the cup. It didn't work out so well, because physics.


Eventually, the guy decided to just pull that ball out of the cup, except he forgot to forward that memo to the ball, which opted to remain inside the cup for the time being.


Sometimes you're the ball lodged inside a plastic cup, sometimes you're the guy who spilled beer all over himself. 

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