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Fan uses cowboy hat to catch the hat that a different fan used to catch a home run

In case you haven't noticed, the Blue Jays hit lots of home runs. Entering play on Sunday they'd hit 186 homers in 2015 -- more than any other team in baseball.

So it wasn't exactly a surprise when their recently-acquired shortstop Troy Tulowitzki went yard in the third inning of Sunday's matinee against the Orioles:

And while a Blue Jays dinger has become a part of everyday life -- like breathing or tying your shoes -- hauling them in can still be a thrill, as was evidenced by the literal hat trick pulled off by a pair of fans in Rogers Centre's left-field seats. 

The first guy goes to snag himself a souvenir, reaching up with his Blue Jays cap to catch Tulo's homer. But when the sheer force of the hit pulls his cap out of his hands it's a different fan who uses a cowboy hat to catch the first guy's hat (and the home run ball it was carrying).

So, when it was all said and done, Fan No. 2 -- the guy with the stubble wearing sunglasses -- was left with two hats.

He was also kind enough to return the hat (and the home run ball!) to the guy next to him. Honestly, the biggest surprise here is that there are even any Blue Jays hats left at Rogers Centre after Edwin Encarnacion inspired all the fans to toss 'em onto the field with his three-homer performance last week.