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Fan snags foul ball with popcorn bucket, receives incredible post-catch bear hug

Popcorn bucket catch deserves a giant bear hug

Foul ball catch styles, ranked:

3. Glove

2. Popcorn bucket

1. Popcorn bucket in a sea of gloves, showering kernels everywhere as you come away victorious

Behold, what we believe to be the first glorious popcorn bucket-assisted foul ball catch of the 2015 season:


Indeed, a bear hug is the proper response to such a triumph.

The Mariners fan grabbed CJ Cron's foul ball during the top of the second inning against the Angels. Not only is this an excellent catch, but this also serves further evidence of popcorn's greatness. It's delicious. It's one of the best ballpark foods. And it assists in awesome fan catches. Is there anything popcorn can't do? 

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