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Fan, while holding a baby, attempts to steal an out from Adrian Gonzalez

Fan tries to steal foul pop from Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez was just minding his own Tuesday night against the Cubs, chasing down a popup in foul territory. He sized up the available room, got there, confidently stuck out his glove and waited for the ball to arrive ... and waited, and waited, and kept waiting, because a fan (and his baby, who presumably was indifferent about the whole thing) decided to go rogue:

Cubs fan catch

The fan's name is Keith Hartley, and his baby Isaac is seven months old. 


Sadly, deciding you want to be a baseball player and reaching out onto the field is frowned upon, and the batter was called out after the Dodgers challenged. Keith was still given a curtain call, though, which is a far better reception than the last guy who found himself in this position.

Keith, for his part, was focused on something far loftier: "I hope Adrian [Gonzalez] wasn't too upset, he's on my fantasy team."

On Wednesday morning, Keith appeared on The Dan Patrick Show, where he confessed to being a lifelong White Sox fan.

"I actually grew up as a [White] Sox fan, and there's a deep rivalry in the city, obviously. A lot of my buddies that I grew up with, went to high school and college with, have been texting me calling me a traitor."

Hartley also made a point of defending his actions against those who question his decision to catch a foul ball while simultaneously feeding an infant.

"In the moment -- a foul ball is coming to you. The two options that were going through my head were 'stand up and catch this ball,' or 'sit down and huddle and cower and try to keep everyone safe.' With the brick wall there and the tarp, the ball could have gone every which way. It hits my hand, I make the catch, everyone's safe. That's the route I chose."'s Carrie Muskat contributed reporting.