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Two guys dressed up like umpires and called pitches during the Mets-Giants game

Fans dress as umps, call pitches from the the stands

People come to ballparks in costumes all the time -- usually, they're dressed as members of the DC universe or "Star Wars" characters, but there's no rule stating that fans can't cosplay as more … everyday heroes. You know, like MLB umpires.

On Wednesday, two fans showed up to the Mets-Giants game in full costume, and proceeded to call pitches in tandem with home-plate ump Andy Fletcher:


This must be how these two guys live their lives. They wander the earth, in full umpire gear, trying to impose by-the-rulebook order on the chaos of the world, only finding islands of peace when they go to actual baseball games. 

Or they just like dressing up. You know, either way. 

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