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From Philly to San Diego, fans gave us a salivating taste of #NationalHotDogDay

Photos via Twitter and Real-Time Correspondents

"Every hot dog has its day."

It's a saying that's as old as time itself, and on Thursday, July 23, all hot dogs had their day. Yes, it was National Hot Dog Day! And instead of stuffing our faces with hot dogs (we're still stuffing our faces with hot dogs), we asked you to do it in ballparks all across the country the last couple of days while documenting it in picture-form. Here's what you sent in:

The San Diego dog or as we like to call it -- the San Diog:


The Phillies' Fiesta Dog -- smothered in pico de gallo, cucumber slices and Sriracha mayo:


There's also the South Philly Dog at Citizens Bank Park -- featuring broccoli rabe, roasted red peppers and provolone:


In Arizona, there's the D-backs' famous Churro Dog. Yes, it's a churro in a bun.

Or the D-Bat Dog -- an 18-inch corndog stuffed with bacon, cheddar cheese and jalapenos.


In Colorado, you can enjoy the Rockie Dog with a side of beautiful Coors Field:

The Rangers boast the two-foot-long, $26 Boomstick. It'll feed you, your family and probably a small city. This guy knows what we're talking about:

This is Nolan Ryan's Fireworks Frank (also located in the Ballpark at Arlington) and it is, um, patriotic?

Here we have Skyline Chili on a hot dog. Naturally, it can be found at Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park:

Crispy tortilla, grilled onions, cotija cheese -- The Astros' Freddie Fender :

Chicago's North Side houses the classic Wrigley Dog:

From Detroit, we bring you the Pretzel Dog -- yes, that is a pretzel as a bun:

Detroit pretzel dog

The Tigers also offer their own interpretation on the classic Chicago Dog, complete with onions, relish and a pickle:

Chicago dog Detroit

And for the barbecue lovers out there, the Angels bring you the Legends Dog, featuring brisket and a whole bunch of peppers and onions:

Legends dog

While the South Side has a frank fit for any human (or monster):