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Fans turn McCovey Cove into a water park because summer only ends if you let it

Football's on TV, school has started back up and it is absolutely not OK to still be wearing your seersucker suit. But, technically speaking, summer isn't over until Sept. 23. That wasn't news to a group of fans who turned McCovey Cove into their own private water park for Sunday's matinee between the Giants and Padres.

As the Giants completed a three-game sweep with a 10-3 win, a group of fans enjoyed the warm weather out in the bay, hanging out on a backwoods yacht, complete with a water slide:


Really, it's like they took the signature features of Miller Park, Chase Field and Raymond James Stadium, threw 'em in a blender and smuggled it to San Francisco in a travel mug.


It might be pumpkin-spice everything season, but summer isn't over until these fans say it's over and we're guessing they'd like a few more trips down that slide, please.