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Beer Pirate, Lemonade Guy, Opera Man or Pistachio Girl: Who's the top vendor in MLB?


Day 1 voting is closed and the D-backs' Lemonade Guy won with 57 percent of the vote!

It takes hundreds of players, dozens of coaches, scores of broadcasters and millions of fans to make each and every MLB season special. 

But even with all those people doing their best to contribute, there'd still be no dugout ice cream, no peanuts for Anthony Rizzo to bogart and no gluttonous hot dog monstrosities without the hard work of the food and beverage vendors at MLB stadiums.

In an effort to give these folks the recognition they deserve, we're asking you to vote for the #TopMLBVendor. On Wednesday, Aug. 5 and Thursday, Aug. 6, fans will be introduced (or re-introduced, in some cases) to eight of MLB's most notable vendors and asked to vote for their favorite.

Wednesday's winner and Thursday's winner will face off in a head-to-head popularity contest on Friday to officially crown the first ever #TopMLBVendor.

Here are your first four candidates:

The Phillies' Beer Pirate

With a patch over his eye and a parrot on his shoulder, Dean Graziani embraces his inner pirate -- even though he works at Phillies games.

Graziani -- who started sporting the parrot for a Jimmy Buffett concert and later added the patch for performance's sake -- will bust out his glorious pirate jig if your row buys enough brew. He also has a following on YouTube and has been referred to as, "the best beer vendor ever at Citizens Bank Park." 

The D-backs' Lemonade Guy

Derrick Moore has been hawking concessions at various stadiums for more than 30 years. He tries to think of catchy sayings for all the products he sells because he knows it makes him unique and increases sales.

The only thing more electric than that blue drink he's shilling is his now-iconic pitch: "LEMONADE, LEMONADE LIKE GRANDMA MADE!" 

Moore thought of his famous line when he first started selling the stuff at Chase Field and it reminded him of the lemonade his grandmother made for him when he was a child. 

The Rockies' Opera Man

At Coors Field, the crack of the bat, playful chords of the organ and roaring crowd wouldn't be complete without the vibrato-baritone crooning of veteran beer vendor Howard Greer.

An established singer, husband and father outside the ballpark, the 62-year-old Aurora, Col., native got his start in the vending game in 1994. Howard's distinctive bellow (often with lyrics like "Coooooors Light" and "Beeeeeeeer here"), echoes across the diamond for seven innings and has made him a bit of a legend at 20th and Blake Streets in downtown Denver. 

The Phillies' Pistachio Girl

Fans at Citizens Bank Park know Emily Youcis as "Pistachio Girl" or -- informally -- as "PISTAAAAAAAAACHIOOOOOOS!" The legend of "Pistachio Girl" has spawned a Facebook fan page and a bevy of YouTube highlight clips.

The irony of Youcis' nickname is that Citizens Bank Park no longer sells pistacios, so Pistachio Girl has spent the 2015 season selling Cracker Jacks and lemon water ice [wood-er ahys]. But the people have spoken ... and started a petition to bring pistachios back to the ballpark and restore Youcis' claim to fame.