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Set your phazers on disappointed: Fernando Tatis Twitter account confirmed to be a fake

Fernando Tatis Twitter account confirmed to be a fake

I know what you're thinking: A hoax? On the internet? There's someone out there who would just go on the internet and tell lies?  

Well, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but yes, the internet is made  of lies. So while we fell in love with Fernando Tatis on Twitter with his non-sequitors about dipping sauces, his Super Bowl commentary and his amazing MS Paint masterpieces: 


None of it was true. We were Catfished.

Though there were rumblings, the truth is now out there thanks to reporter Jesse Sanchez. Sanchez recently ran into the real Tatis at the 2015 Dominican Prospect League Showcase where he asked him about the Twitter account. Said Tatis: 

"I had people saying they had conversations with me on Twitter and even some reporters from New York would say they talked to me on Twitter. Some of those things he wrote were pretty stupid and I was like 'What is that?' People who know me could tell it was fake and I would never do that."

So while the fake Twitter account has now been removed, living on only in archived web pages, Tatis did tell Sanchez he was going to start an account. Hopefully the real deal will be even better than the fake one.