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Still need a Halloween costume? Here are 5 scary-good last-minute World Series ideas

Five best last-minute World Series costumes

"Hey, you ready to go to the big party tonight? You know, the big party. What do you mean you don't have a costume? This is Teddy Billington's Halloween party -- only the biggest night of the year. This event can make or break your social standing. You better find a costume." 

Afraid that this might be you? Have no fear, we're here to help. Especially if you're a little nervous about being as intense as this Royals fan: 


Or as terrifying as OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?


With just a small handful of supplies and one quick trip to a Halloween store, you should be ready to show off your World Series fandom and your Halloween spirit in one easy go. 

Here are our five picks: 

Dayton Moorlin, The Royals Magician


What You'll Need: Royals cap, royal blue slanket or robe, mini bat

Last year, few expected the Royals to go to the World Series. Before this season began, PECOTA -- that soulless super computer incapable of believing speed and defense could work twice -- pegged the team for 72 winsBut Alcides Escobar keeps mashing, Chris Young keeps posting scoreless innings and Lorenzo Cain can score from first base in a single bound. How do they do it? 


Pay respect to this force by dressing as the prime magician, Dayton Moorlin on Halloween. Simply throw on your wearable blanket, grab hold of your minibat like it was a wand, and replace that enormous hat Mickey wore in "Fantasia" with a Royals cap. 

To really sell the magician thing, fill a cauldron with Gatorade and, while stirring it, recite the names of the roster in reverse. It will sound like a really cool magical spell -- and it's maybe what the Royals do anyway! 

Lorenzo "The Flash" Cain


What You'll Need: Flash helmet, poster board, blue and white paint

Want to look as fast as Cain, but don't want to spend years in the gym training and toning and pushing yourself beyond traditional human limits? Then put together this simple costume. All you'll need to do is draw Road Runner's impossibly fast legs on some posterboard that you glue to your legs and pick up a Flash cowl at any respectable Halloween dealer. 

To take this look up a notch, grab some blue and white paint to make the Flash's helmet look like a new kind of Royals batting helmet. Which now makes me wish that this is what batting helmets looked like. 

Yoenis Cespedes, or, an acceptable "Eyes Wide Shut" outfit


What You'll Need: Parakeet mask, two compression sleeves, circus cannon

Since we all know that Cespedes gets his powers from an ancient parakeet god, you'll want to make sure you look the part with the proper bright plumage on his arms and a bird mask to show off his power source.

And since Cespedes' arm is a literal circus cannon -- entertaining millions with his rocket tosses, you'll want to make sure your right arm is properly metaphorical.  

Bartolo Colon's Swing

What you'll need: Helmet, bungee cord, suspenders/harness plastic bat, a smile


Always wanted to express the joy that Bartolo Colon brings into your life every time he swings his bat and his helmet comes tumbling from his head? Well, you're in luck. 


Simply attach a bungee cord to the top of the helmet and fasten it to some kind of suspender or harness that you're wearing. Then, while taking your plastic bat (making sure to have plenty of space), take a swing, watch the helmet fly off and then grin broadly. For you have made something very special. 

The Ghost King of World Series' Past


What you need: A sheet, scissors, a World Series trophy

Let's say that you can't decide who you want to win this year's World Series. Maybe you just love all of baseball and its history. Rather than choosing one team, why not go as the ghost of baseball history? Not only is it easy, but you'll also have some great protection if it ends up raining. 

Even better, if you have artistic skills, you can draw some of your favorite vintage World Series logos all over your ghostly covering. 

We know that's nowhere near the full extent of World Series Halloween costumes. After all, we didn't even touch on Jacob "Lion King" deGrom or the excellent mustache Ned Yost grew while coming up in the Brewers system. Tweet us your baseball Halloween costumes to @Cut4 and we'll feature the best ones this Halloweeen.   

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