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Florida freshman hits four home runs, gets the ol' silent treatment from the dugout

Image: SEC Network

While Florida Gators catcher JJ Schwarz was planting himself in the nightmares of the poor Stetson University pitching staff on Tuesday, his teammates were trying to bite their tongues. Sure, Schwarz's three home runs through the sixth inning were cruel to their opponents' ERAs, but they were for the good of the team.

But then, the freshman simply went too far.

In the seventh inning, Schwarz crushed his fourth homer of the night, leaving nothing but the tears of relievers in his wake. And, at this point, his teammates decided to send a message that such devastation would not stand.

How? With the silent treatment:

After J.J. Schwarz hit his FOURTH HOME RUN of the game, the Florida Gators gave him the silent treatment.Schwarz: 5-6, 4 HRs, 10 RBI

Posted by SEC Network on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In all seriousness, props to Schwarz for perhaps the smoothest possible handling of the teammate freeze-out. He almost immediately started with the imaginary high-fives and showed some real commitment, never breaking stride on his way into the dugout (even after someone got REALLY into the joke and decided to pelt him with a hat).

Schwarz finished 5-for-6 on the night, becoming the first Gator to hit four homers in a game and setting a school single-game record for total bases with 18 (!!).