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Following a legendary season, Orbit wins Mascot of the Year award

Orbit wins Mascot of the Year award

Coming off a disappointing awards season that saw the Astros mascot, Orbit, fail to win the MVP, Cy Young or Hottest Bachelor Under-30 Award, things were looking bleak.

Despite having one of the greatest seasons in mascot history that included starting and squashing a beef with J.P. Arencibia:


Getting in on the whole touching Adrian Beltre's head thing


And even traveling across the globe in order to be tackled by Mark Melancon


It was the mascot equivalent of Ruth's 1927, Gibson's 1968 and that time I went to an all-you-can-eat buffet and didn't want to die in the morning. 

On Friday, Orbit received the recognition that was his due, winning's Best Mascot of the Year Award. It's the first time that an MLB mascot has won the award since GameOps began handing out the award in 2001.

If Orbit can repeat his performance, they'll be hard pressed to award it to anyone else. 

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