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Spring Training Food Review: The Mets are serving a taco in a helmet

Food review of a taco in a helmet

Tacos have not traditionally been ballpark fare (although they've been making waves at places like Citi Field), but Tradition Field still serves them. And in order to maintain some semblance of tradition, the Mets' Spring ballpark offers a twist. The nachos are delivered to your drooling, aching mouth ... in a helmet: 


It's like classic ballpark ice cream in a helmet, but with beef, lettuce, jalapenos, tomato sauce and tortilla chips. You can always add ice cream if you want. I won't tell anyone.

Although it was my first encounter with taco in a helmet, the decadent dish has been around for some time. The lovely lady at the counter said it was brought to the ballpark 10-15 years ago and she's been running the stand for the last four seasons. 

And the meal itself? Amazing.

It's like a taco cereal. The ability to scoop all of the goodness out of a baseball helmet facilitates speed of delivery, while the lid will save any drops of sour cream or tomato sauce that escape your mouth. The crumbling, breaking tortilla shell and the gooey spillage that's inevitable with a normal taco is also avoided.

You should have this now. You should have this at Thanksgiving. You should have this every day of the year.

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