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Former big leaguer Jai Miller is going back to school ... to play football

You can't spell talent without Jai. Well, I guess you can, but you really shouldn't be able to.

Ten years ago, Jai Miller graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and next-level talent in baseball, football and basketball. The superstar athlete was set to go to Stanford on a full scholarship for his grades and athletic ability, but the Alabama native instead signed with the Marlins organization.

Miller spent the next 10 years in baseball -- appearing in 28 Major League games with the Marlins, Royals and A's. The outfielder showed flashes of strong play but struggled with strikeouts.

Now, Miller is enrolling at Alabama to try his luck at football. He's 27 years old and last played quarterback and safety on his high school squad.

Miller's story is an interesting one full of immense skill and incredible drive. And yes, we fully expect to see him running the point for the Knicks within the next five years.

-- Matt Monagan / 

h/t Eye on Baseball