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Ever dreamed of wearing a taco on your hat? The Fresno Tacos are here for you

The Fresno Tacos have a new promotion: Taco hats

Some real talk, if we may: Tacos are the best. They're essentially a vessel for whatever deliciousness you'd like to put in them, they're a manageable size, and you can eat about five of them before feeling full. They're the Platonic ideal of foodstuffs, really. 

The Fresno Grizzlies, Triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros, understand this deep and abiding passion all too well. They know that the joys of the taco are not meant to be kept to oneself -- they must be shared, championed, shouted from the nearest mountaintop, and worn on any and all franchise merchandise. And so, for one glorious Taco Night, they are not the Fresno Grizzlies, they are the Fresno Tacos, and they've got the uniforms to prove it:

 Why yes, that is a hat comprised solely of a taco. Here, have a closer look:

Alas, it appears to be a hard shell taco, when we all know the soft corn variety are best. But this is mere quibbling. For as the old saying we may or may not have just made up goes, any tacos are better than no tacos at all.