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Frisco RoughRiders to wear 'Full House' jerseys this year

Frisco RoughRiders to wear 'Full House' jerseys

Whatever happened to (uniform) predictability? The milkman, the paper boy, the left-handed LOOGY? They're waiting just around the bend ... at least if you live in Frisco, Texas, that is. 

Get ready to relive your favorite TV show when the Frisco RoughRiders, the Double-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers, celebrate the greatest of '90s family sitcoms: "Full House" on June 12:

It makes perfect sense. After all, the show was set in San Francisco (known by non-residents as "Frisco") and it followed the adventures of widowed Danny Tanner and his brother-in-law and best friend who helped raise his three daughters through wacky adventures and tender moments. Essentially the house was a Minor League team. 

In fact, here's how they would probably line up: 

P - Stephanie Tanner

As proved by this episode, we know she's pretty good: 

C - D.J. Tanner

As the oldest daughter, D.J. was often the rock for the family. Which she'll continue to be from behind the dish. 

1B - Danny Tanner

Though he's got the height and build to be a power-hitting first sacker, he's more of a Nate Freiman: tall, lanky and with a bat full of singles. 

2B - Michelle (As played by Mary-Kate)

SS - Michelle (As played by Ashley)

Honestly, is there a better double-play combo than two people who routinely had to behave as one? 

3B - Rebecca Katsopolis

As a TV news reporter, Rebecca must always be ready for fast-breaking news. Those reflexes will serve her well at the hot corner. 

LF - Kimmy Gibbler

While many find Kimmy to be a flake, she's actually got great range, though she lacks the arm for right. 

CF - Uncle Jesse

The cool loner, Jesse wouldn't let you play him or his long, flowing hair anywhere but center. Even if he does get poor breaks on liners hit straight to him. 

RF - Joey Gladstone

Honestly, where else are you going to put him? He'll be too busy making a "Cut it out" sign or making weird "Rocky and Bullwinkle" impressions to pay enough attention. So hopefully no one hits one his way. 

Of course, this team would probably lose to the RoughRiders by a score of 150-3, with all three runs coming on an Uncle Jesse motivational speech.