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Giants fans strike back with their own Hunter Pence signs at NLDS Game 2

Photos: Brett Anker, Correspondent

After watching the Nationals lose by a single run to the Giants in Game 1 of the NLDS Friday, Washington fans aren't taking any chances for Game 2.

They're bringing out the Hunter Pence signs, and crossing their fingers that this particularly mundane sort of heckling works better for them than it did the Pirates.

They range from questioning his plans for October 31 ...


(Actually, Jayson Werth is a pretty good idea for a Halloween costume.)

To doubting his mathematical abilities:


(For real though, who doesn't?)

Giants fans aren't going to take that lying down, though. A small contingent of San Francisco fans at Nationals Park came equipped with their own Pence-friendly signs. 


May the best Pence signs win.