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Before Daniel Murphy, Gary Carter hit two deja vu home runs in the World Series

Don't know what to do with yourself today with no baseball to watch? Are you a Mets fan, who after spending the night in carefree revelry, celebrating your team's World Series berth, has nothing to do today, no Daniel Murphy home run to delight in? Are you simply someone who requires constant baseball stimulation to keep you focused and happy?

Have no fear. We understand you, for we are you. So, please, enjoy video footage of Gary Carter smashing two home runs in Game 4 of the World Series against the Red Sox, 29 years ago today. 

With the Mets trailing the Red Sox two games to one, Boston sent Al Nipper to the mound with the Mets countering with current Mets analyst, Ron Darling. 

While Darling pitched well, going seven shutout innings despite walking six batters, Carter gave New York plenty of breathing room. The catcher broke the scoreless tie in the top of the fourth with a two-run home run high above the Green Monster. 

He then put the game away in the top of the eighth. Facing Steve Crawford, Carter gave the Mets a 6-0 lead with his second home run. If you're not paying careful attention, you could be excused for having a case of deja vu. The swing is nearly the same, the landing spot nearly identical. 


Even the two pitchers that Carter homered off look remarkably similar: 


These are two separate home runs, right? This isn't simply two universes collapsing upon each other or some sort of trickery of the light, right? 

While we may never know the answer to that for sure, it's not a surprise that Carter went after the towering left field fence. After the game, Carter said, "'The wall, well, when you look at it, it's intriguing.''