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Gaze in wonder at the monster HR Bryce Harper hit out of the Mets' Spring Training stadium

Harper's HR off deGrom literally left the building

A recent ruling from the high court of journalistic grammar -- The Associated Press Stylebook -- dictates that monster home runs like the one Bryce Harper hit the day after being voted the most overrated player in baseball by some of his peers are just that: home runs. 

Not "dingers" nor "jacks" nor "bombs."

But Harper's latest "home run" simply transcends the term. On Saturday, the Nats phenom turned on a pitch from reigning NL Rookie of the Year Jacob deGrom and sent it into another dimension. It flew over the outfield wall, eclipsed the lawn seats, bounced off the roof of the Seacoast Sun Deck and left Tradition Field altogether.


Ladies and gentlemen, we give you ... the "have mercy."


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