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George Springer officially opens the techno-themed 'Club Astros' after win

George Springer opens techno-themed 'Club Astros'

The Astros' clubhouse looked a little different after the team's win Tuesday night. Same room, same players moving around, same music playing over the sound system ... but, well, things were a little hazy.



Thanks to a very active fog machine, a portable strobe light and a laser contraption making decorative neon squiggly shapes on the ceiling, the Astros' locker room looked a little less like a baseball clubhouse and a little more like a mini-reincarnation of something you may find at a disco club, circa 1977.

It was groovy, man. And not all that difficult to deduce whose idea it was.

"Let's just say it's Club Astros for now," said unofficial team instigator George Springer, when asked if this was his work. "It's not about me. It's about the team. We're just having fun, celebrating a win."

The Astros, first place in the AL West with a 26-14 record, have been doing plenty of that lately. But this is the first time the postgame celebration felt more like something you'd find during a 16-year-old's birthday party in his parents' basement.

The techno theme has been in the works for a while: Springer and friends thought it would be, in Springer's words, "sick if we had a fog machine."

He found one, along with the laser contraption, and suddenly, said Springer, "We had ourselves a party."

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