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Family feud: Amy Crawford watched her brother Brandon face off against fiance Gerrit Cole

Cole faces future brother-in-law Brandon Crawford

With the two teams locked in a battle for a Wild Card spot, Saturday afternoon's Giants-Pirates game was a big one for both Pittsburgh starter Gerrit Cole and San Francisco shortstop  Brandon Crawford. But it was also an important game for Amy Crawford, Brandon's sister and Cole's fiance -- she was in attendance at PNC Park, and had to watch blood and beau collide.

Ever the protective brother, Brandon attempted to send Cole a warning early, blasting a pitch deep to left field. Thankfully, though, cooler heads/the awesomeness of Starling Marte prevailed, and the baseball was rescued:

Marte catch

Cole answered back by striking out Crawford in his next two at-bats, and Pittsburgh ended up getting the win on a Marte walk-off. We can only hope this won't spill over to the wedding. 

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