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Get down on one knee and watch 8 of MLB's most romantic marriage proposals

Watch 8 of the most romantic MLB proposals

Two questions:

1. Did you know that today is National Proposal Day?

2. Will you look at some of the greatest baseball proposals with me?

(Sorry, I realize that might not have been what you were expecting, but I just think it's too soon in our relationship, Cut4 readers.)

Begun years ago by John Michael O'Loughlin, Proposal Day can be active or aspirational. If you're not quite ready to pop the question, you can use this day to open up the discussion. But if you're like me and that's too intimidating, you can just watch some of the best proposals from across MLB. 

Remember: When proposing, you have to choose the perfect time. After a first pitch can be good: 

Some inspiring music also helps. Especially if it's the National Anthem:

Or something you wrote yourself (like that time Kanye proposed to Kim at AT&T Park):

Don't forget to accept a little help from your friends, like Wally:


Or a friendly aquatic mammal:

You can also enlist America's best friend to help you with your proposal:

And, even if you screw up some minor details, if you get the essence right, it will turn out just fine: