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Get ready for next season with 10 bold predictions for 2015

Get ready for next season with 10 bold predictions

As we approach the New Year, it's a time to embrace the future and dream of what can be. 

So while we wait for that perfect February day when pitchers and catchers report, we celebrate the advent of 2015 with our hottest of takes: 10 absolutely rock-solid predictions for what the upcoming season will bring. 

1. Yasiel Puig will quit baseball to become a professional video game player.

Yasiel Puig's Grandslam to end the game !

A video posted by @yasielpuig (@yasielpuig) on


2. The Royals will win 90+ games next season ... all in extra innings


3. With rumors being reported by teenagers and Dads in ham stores, 2015 will feature story that has been broken by a prophetic dream. 



4. Giancarlo Stanton will hit a home run so far that it will be measured in miles, not feet. 



5. Reports of a nighttime rooftop-dwelling vigilante will break out in the Pittsburgh area and no one will know who it is. 


6. Inspired by an Andrelton Simmons diving catch, astronomers will build a giant asteroid-catching Andrelton Simmons that will save the earth countless times over the next three decades. 



7. 50 Cent will not be offered a Major League contract. 

50 Cent


8. Adam Dunn will come out of retirement. But as a pitcher, not a hitter. 

Adam Dunn


9. Stirrup socks will be all the rage. 


10. Clayton Kershaw will throw a slider that exists in five different dimensions (As noted in "Interstellar," the fifth dimension is love).