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Giancarlo Stanton escapes rundown, might actually be made of vapor

Is Giancarlo Stanton made of vapor?

Giancarlo Stanton can send balls into orbit with a single swing, and he can make diving catches that turn into double plays and make us question the limits of physical ability. It's pretty impressive, really, considering Stanton's body might actually be made of vapor.

In the fourth inning of the Marlins' game against the Nationals on Sunday, Giancarlo turned around third after an Ichiro Suzuki single sent him hurtling home from second. His turn was too wide, however, and he found himself in a pickle between Nats third baseman Yunel Escobar and catcher Wilson Ramos. He made it back safely to third anyway.


The only explanation is that just as Ramos was about to lay the tag, the Marlins Park lights refracted off of Stanton's cloud-body and rendered him virtually invisible. Nothing more than a collective haze, Stanton dove and escaped the rundown.

Fortunately, his body desublimated back to its solid state in time for him to be driven home by Adeiny Hechavarria's triple one batter later.


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