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40-foot-tall rubber duck becomes Pittsburgh's biggest good-luck charm

The Rubber Duck Project, an outdoor art installation, has made its United States premiere right here in the Steel City. He made his maiden voyage on Sept. 27, floating down the Ohio River from the West End Bridge, circling the Point and heading down the Allegheny River, where he witnessed a Duck party to end all Duck parties on the Clemente Bridge.

Better yet, the friendly, floating, four-story-high rubber duck has healing powers, according to creator Florentijn Hofman of the Netherlands. Would you believe the Duck can relieve tension?

His timing couldn't have been better. It has, after all, been a very long 21 years since the last time Pittsburghers watched their Buccos play in a postseason game, and along with excitement that has built leading up to Tuesday's Wild Card Game with the Reds, there is also some anxiety.

What better way to ease the tension than to gape at a gigantic rubbie duckie? Much like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man of yesteryear, there's really nothing better than a lovable play toy blown up to 400 times its original size.

In that vein, we couldn't help but wonder: what would happen if The Rubber Duck Project added a little buddy, with a Pirates twist?

We introduce to you: the Cutch Duck.

Cutch Duck

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