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Bob Weir, Bill Walton and Trixie Garcia ring in Grateful Dead Tribute Night at AT&T Park

Photos via Joe Legaz / Real-Time Correspondent

The Giants had a Touch of Grey in their orange and black during Monday's Grateful Dead Tribute Night at AT&T Park. Founding member Bob Weir, Trixie Garcia (Jerry's daughter) and others came out to honor one of California's most legendary bands. Here are a few photos from the pregame festivities.

Fans taking part in the special Dead package recieved this interesting bobble/deadhead. 


Lou Seal knows it's tie-dye or nothing tonight.

Lou Seal, tyedye

Unmistakable. Bill Walton shows his Dead pride.

Bill Walton jersey

Dead member Bob Weir, third-base coach (and noted fan/musician) Tim Flannery and his brother sing the national anthem.


Weir, Trixie Garcia and Walton throw the first pitch. Has Bill ever been more excited? Is Bill ever not excited?