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Dedicated fan makes one Giant leap into McCovey Cove to snag a home run ball

What would you do to get your hands on a souvenir? Bring your glove to the park? Channel the magic powers of your newborn child? Sacrifice your beer and any other nearby concessions?

Impressive commitment! We would like to commend you for your dedication to the craft of baseball snagging. This Giants fan, however, kindly invites you to get on his level, because his answer was apparently "leap into McCovey Cove fully clothed without a second thought":

Giants fan leap

One burning question was left unanswered, though -- how the heck did he get back out?

Luckily, help was on the way in the form of an expertly tossed lifesaver and our intrepid hero, and home run ball, was reeled back in:

Giants fan Cove

Without the lifesaver assist, though, he would probably still be hanging with the McCovey Cove Cat in some water that gets very cold, so we would like to offer this friendly PSA: If you're thinking about leaping into a body of water for a baseball, remember that your hat is a far more efficient/safe route to a souvenir.