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Bartolo Colon nearly swung out of his uniform

If there's one player who has a lust for life, who drinks deeply of existence's mighty waters, it's Bartolo Colon. Whether he's on the mound, throwing fastballs 85% of the time, in the dugout jiggling his belly fat, or at the plate, swinging from the heels and looking for a home run, Colon is a true master of living for the moment. 

Facing Ervin Santana on Saturday night, Colon didn't hold back, swinging wildly, spinning around, and losing his helmet during the strikeout. Hopefully this moment will even inspire a new modern dance called "The Bartolo." 

Bartolo Colon swing

Though his career batting line entering play on Saturday was just .100/.108/.100, you can be sure of this: when Colon does make contact, he's not going to be cheated. 

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