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Here are 7 songs to help Mariners fans celebrate Robinson Cano's arrival

Mariners fans: you just got one of the best second basemen in baseball and now it's time to party. You know Robbie Cano. You love Robbie Cano. Let's tear the roof off this thing and welcome the new second baseman to town -- with some awesome Seattle-flavored tunes:

Here is Robbie showing off that whole "power hiting second baseman" thing:


And what goes better with a home run than Emerald City-native Jimi Hendrix?

Cano was involved in an important moment in baseball history -- Mariano Rivera's final out:


And here's an important moment in music history -- Nirvana's performance on "Unplugged:"

Cano is calm, respectful, zenlike:


Just floating on down the river of baseball, like Modest Mouse told him to:

Robbie's got moves:


Eddie's got grooves:

The ground can't contain Robinson Cano:


And the ceiling can't hold Professor Macklemore:

Here's Cano doing something that shouldn't really be possible for a second baseman to do:


And much like defense, Sir Mix-a-Lot never goes out of style:

Seriously -- look at this dude's swing:


No one's gonna love you more than Seattle does, Robbie:

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