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Fans miss foul ball, catch Mike Moustakas instead

Fans miss foul ball, catch Mike Moustakas instead

When Adam Jones popped one foul during Tuesday night's ALCS Game 3, fans were hoping they'd get the chance to take home a souvenir ball. But a little something got in the way: 


The fans might not have gotten the ball, but Mike Moustakas certainly did. He bunts, goes yard and cares so much about fan experience that he'll bring the game right to you. And the fans appreciate it -- according to one, Moustakas was caught so delicately that he didn't even touch the concrete: 

Still, whoever touched him first better get him authenticated so he can explain to his kids why some bearded dude in a baseball uniform is sitting on the mantle. 

Interview by Nathan Rowan, Real-Time Correspondent/


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