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Celebrate all of the wackiness and brilliance of baseball with the best rundown GIFs of 2015

Celebrate the best rundowns of 2015 with these GIFs

Baseball, especially in the big leagues, is all about precision. Pitchers hone their deliveries and batters hone their swings through countless repetitions. Fielders are positioned in just the right spot based on years of batted ball data. Everything is finely tuned.

That is, until a runner gets caught a little too far off base and professional athletes devolve into you and your brother chasing each other in the backyard. That is why we would like to offer this ode to the rundown -- that rare moment in a baseball game when sheer chaos rules. 

This season offered seemingly every possible example of the form, from the impressive ...

Stanton rundown

To the miraculous:


Alas, if only all pickles could go so smoothly. More often than not, however, resistance is futile, no matter how hard you stop, drop and roll:


The baserunners of 2015 were not content to walk gently into an out, however. They stood tall:

Franco tag


For, in the face of near-certain failure, a baserunner is left with but one option: Intimidation.


But no matter what type of pickle baserunners found themselves in, one rule remained true -- don't ever try to run on Bartolo Colon: