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All of your favorite Golden Globe winners have secret baseball connections

Golden Globe winners have deep baseball connections

What do you have to do to win a Golden Globe? It seems like you have to turn in a groundbreaking performance or direct the same film for at least 11 years, but our crack investigative team found out the truth. All you have to do is like baseball.

Here's the proof. On August 10, Boyhood director and Houston native Richard Linklater threw out the first pitch before an Astros game:

And on Sunday night, he won Best Director and his film won Best Motion Picture (Drama):

Clearly, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was rewarding his love of America's pastime. Lest you think this is some kind of paltry coincidence, let us prove otherwise. Michael Keaton won Best Actor in a Motion Picture for his role in Birdman. He's also a lifelong Pirates fan:


He's even dipped a toe into the world of base-blogging (hi Mike, congrats).

Kevin Spacey has thrown out first pitches at Camden Yards as himself and as House of Cards' Frank Underwood, so of course he was a shoo-in for Best Actor in a Television Series:


Fargo certainly won Best Miniseries because of its baseball fan-heavy cast, including Colin Hanks:

And Best Actor in a Miniseries, Billy Bob Thornton:


J.K. Simmons, who won for his role in Whiplash, is a passionate Tigers fan and played Kevin Costner's manager in For the Love of the Game. 


George Clooney's Cecil B. DeMille Award was surely meant to celebrate his life's work in baseball. Still don't believe us? Even the director of Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical)-winning The Grand Budapest Hotel has a baseball connection:


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is our theory of everything

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