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Jordan Spieth delivers first-pitch strike before Rangers game, gets asked on a date by Miss Texas

Spieth throws first pitch for TEX, gets asked on date

Pro golfer Jordan Spieth has had quite the year. He won The Masters, won the U.S. Open, tied for fourth place at The British Open and finished second to Jason Day at this past weekend's PGA Championship. It was, statistically, one of the greatest years by a golfer ever. By the way, Spieth is just 22 years old. (By the way, what were you doing when you were 22 years old?)

To top things off, the Texas native was asked to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before Tuesday's Mariners-Rangers game. And with a dinner bet riding on his performance (Zach Johnson was throwing out the pitch before the Cubs game), the first-pitch veteran delivered a first-pitch strike.

Afterward,'s TR Sullivan caught up with Spieth about his Rangers fandom:

"My whole life, I'm just a Dallas sports fan. I used to come a while back and my dad and I would go up and we'd just sneak down to better and better seats. [We] used to come a lot but as [I] got busier and into college and afterwards, [I'd] try to come with friends. We normally sit up high up in the nosebleeds and just have a good time. But this is a cool experience too, sitting down here low and being able to see all the action."

 And that bet: 

"I did all I could do. I was excited about that. It was fun banter today back and forth and hopefully ESPN brings it out tomorrow side by side and judges it. But I think we might get a nice Zach Johnson check coming our way."

Oh, and the golfer's night got even better from there. Miss Texas, who was also in attendance, asked him out on a date:


As we mentioned before, it's been quite the year for Jordan Spieth. You can keep following him with the new PGA TOUR LIVE streaming service, available for iPhone, iPad and online at

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