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Grandpa Mark Hendrickson wants to pitch for the Orioles this season

Grandpa Hendrickson trying to make O's

Most grandfathers (well, my grandfather, more specifically) spend their days sitting in big leather chairs, eating honey-mustard pretzels, feeding honey-mustard pretzels to their golden retrievers and talking about why honey-mustard pretzels are god's greatest creation. They'll tell fascinating stories about watching baseball back in the day. They'll also watch baseball on TV. But not many, besides Mark Hendrickson, are trying to play professional baseball this season.

The 40-year-old has been out of the Majors for two years, but he's currently in Orioles minicamp in Sarasota, Fla. And yes, two months ago he became a grandpa

"How many active grandfathers have been in the big leagues?" Hendrickson said. "Well, that right there is motivation in itself."

A 6-foot-9, former NBA power forward, former MLB pitcher, attempting to make his big league dreams come true for the second time? Mark Hendrickson might be the coolest grandpa ever. 

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