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One of the greatest baseball promotions: Watch Jay Buhner shave heads for 'Buzz Cut Night'

Watch Jay Buhner shave heads for 'Buzz Cut Night'

Hair: Mankind's greatest enemy. Whether it's being disgustingly puffy on humid days, flopping into our eyes when we're outside working or simply disappearing before we're ready to say goodbye (an issue that hits all too close to home), we're constantly waging a losing war against the follicle beast. 

Unless you're willing to go bald like Jay Buhner and his legion of fans. 

Recognizing the power in their outfielder's signature chrome dome, the Mariners held the very first Jay Buhner Buzz Cut Day on May 19, 1994. The outfielder, who would retire as the Mariners all-time leader in strikeouts, third on the Mariners home run chart (with 307) and the Major League record-holder for lowest stolen-base success rate with at least 20 attempts (successful on only six of 30 tries), Buhner was popular enough that hundreds either showed up already bald or were willing to have it cut to receive a free ticket in right field. After a small donation to charity, of course. 


The day ended in appropriate enough fashion. Trailing the Rangers, 4-3, going into the bottom of the ninth, Jay Buhner walked to get on base before eventually scoring the game-winning run on Mike Blowers' walk-off walk. 

Said Buhner after the game

"This is the grunge capital of the world. Maybe they were just looking for an excuse to get a free buzz cut." 

Though originally hesitant to host the night, Buhner soon became a big fan after seeing the amount of people willing to go bald. The team would hold the night every year until the Mariners moved from the Kingdome, though would bring it back one final time in Buhner's final season with Seattle in 2001. 

Here's a chart looking back at just how many people lined up to get their cuts: 

Year Total Fans
1994 512
1995 717
1996 3,697
1997 3,436
1998 4,071
1999 3,623
2001 6,246
Total 22,302

(Source ... so, take it with a grain of salt)  

"Bone" even handed out a few of his own cuts as you can see from the third annual festival of baldness: 

Though he never did let Ken Griffey Jr. shave off the goatee: 

(Oddly enough, while this season has seen the beard boom turn to a beard epidemic, Buhner's goatee and "Buhner buzz" helped usher in the once-dominant "Summer of the Goatee" in 1990.)

Not that Buhner always had the shaved head look. Sometimes he had, well, I'm not sure what to call this: 

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