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Greg Amsinger is a psychic wizard who correctly predicted Buster Posey's walk-off home run

Someone get James Randi on the phone because we've finally found the man who can win his $1 million paranormal challenge: Greg Amsinger of MLB Network.

Thanks to a feeling in his "bad knee," the studio host has an uncanny sixth sense for knowing what will happen in a ballgame. At the All-Star game earlier this year, Amsinger correctly predicted Mike Trout's All-Star Game triple

He was in even better form on Wednesday night. With Buster Posey up at the plate in the bottom of the ninth of a tie game, Amsinger said, "We might get an 'It is OUTTA here!' so let's listen in live."

At the very moment that the network switched to the in-game broadcast, Posey cracked the ball high over the left field wall, Duane Kuiper adding in the "It is OUTTA here!" for good measure. 

Naturally, Amsinger reacted coolly and calmly:


So the next time Amsinger's knee acts up, we'd do well to listen. Because he is easily the most powerful psychic since Carnac the Magnificent.